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the ramblings of a girl on a journey to finally get fit.

7/365 - post crossfit

i am in love.  i really like the intro class and i feel like i am finally going to learn how to do all of these weight training exercises properly.  i am so excited.

i was complimented by the coaches on my kettlebell swings, push ups, and box jumps. that was AWESOME.  i have my boyfriend to thank for all of that.  when i used to work out at the studio, he taught me how to really do some wonderful things.

i am really looking forward to this part of my life.

xx fg


W. 177.5 

so, my grandmother is really sick and our family doesn’t think we are going to be here much longer.

that means that things are getting way more difficult for me to focus.  BUT i will persevere.

however, i really wanna get that mani-pedi…so i’m going to my first crossfit class ever tonight!

xx fg

W. 177.2 

Down .6 from the start which is close to a pound…and any loss is good.

goals: definitely want to get more definition in my waist and my arms.  going to start taking these pictures wearing shorts next week.  forgot them at my place :(


amidst all of the craziness in my life, i found time to get to the gym and meal prep today.  

ps. can’t wait to look fabulous at coachella.  four months to go. four months to get it right.

xx fg


because i can and i will.

completed my two pacts #gympact #foodpact #resolutions #skinnynewyear #teamskinnybitch

completed my two pacts #gympact #foodpact #resolutions #skinnynewyear #teamskinnybitch

3/365 - Ramblings

W: 177.8

I looked at the scale this morning and felt sad. That being said, I didn’t want to dive head first into a brownie.  Instead, I tracked my breakfast and had a really yummy and filling greek yogurt bowl with a kashi bar crumbled in it that was drizzled with honey and blackberries.

I signed up for gympact last night to keep me honest.  I am going to have to work out at some point today and if I do not, then I am definitely going to have to go tomorrow morning.  

I think i might just enjoy being lazy today with my dog and my boyfriend and get back to the rat race tomorrow.

xx fg


Why I want to lose weight and be fit:

- to fit into my clothing without having to think about it

- feeling confident in a bathing suit 

- feeling confident naked

- being able to wear really fun clothing

- being able to feel completely confident in pictures

- having a better mind-body-soul connection

- to ward off any diseases i might have when i am older

- to live a long and healthy lifestyle

- to be able to deal with stress better

- to feel confident in making better life choices

- to be fulfilled

- to look as beautiful as i feel on the inside

- to be completely happy with my progress

- to have a story from beginning to end

- to inspire others

- to get over my demons 

2/365 - goals

5 pounds: nails done

7 pounds: latte at starbucks

10 pounds: new workout outfit

12 pounds: mani/pedi

15 pounds: 100.00 sephora spree

17 pounds: new dress

20 pounds: four new clothing items

22 pounds: head jewels for coachella

25 pounds: blueprint cleanse

27 pounds: mani/pedi

30 pounds: soul cycle class and spree in the city

32 pounds: new tattoo

35 pounds: make over

37 pounds: new heels

40 pounds: new clothing

small non food rewards along the way.


Resolutions for 2014:

-       be healthiest this year

-       be 40 pounds lighter by 2015

-       be happier about my relationships

-       be a better friend, lover, daughter, and sister

-       stick to an eating plan

-       stick for crossfit